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The safety and security of ourselves and our homes should be a year round concern but, around the festive season in general, many of us are out and about - travelling to and from events, parties and visiting friends and family. This can also mean that we are leaving our homes unoccupied for periods of time.

  In terms of home security, please remember to consider that opportunist burglars will look for premises where access is the easiest and where it appears that there may be something valuable to steal. Around Christmas, many of us buy presents for our families and friends. Please consider how they are stored in your home and try not to make it too obvious that there are “rich pickings” to be had. No one would suggest that you cannot decorate your home as you please and, around Christmas time, many people like to put presents around a tree, often in full display from a front window. Please consider making sure that access to your home is protected with suitable locks on doors and windows. If you have an alarm system, please use it.

  Putting some downstairs lights to come on with a timer switch can be a good idea. We do not recommend having a landing light come on with the ground floor in darkness as this does not convince anyone that the house is occupied. A low level hall light on a timer would be a much better option.

  Once presents are unwrapped, consider how you dispose of wrapping and packaging of expensive items. Leaving them outside for the next collection can show a potential burglar that there is something inside the house worth taking.

  Drinking & Driving
When out and about, everyone should also consider the serious issue of drinking alcohol and driving.

  Surrey Police officers enforce the “drink-drive” law every day. We are aware, however, that this time of year can present increased problems and our officers will be targeting those who are irresponsible enough to drink and drive, not only putting their own lives at risk but also the lives of their passengers, other road users and pedestrians.

  Although there is a “legal limit” of alcohol for driving in the UK, it is well recognised that any amount in your body when you drive will affect your ability to react. Other factors, such as tiredness, medication and stress can also slow down your reaction times. Mix any of these factors with alcohol and you could be under the influence of a potentially lethal cocktail.

  It is for these reasons that we want to highlight the vital importance of protecting yourself and others at this time of year by planning alternative and safe ways of getting around if you are planning to have a drink. Consider using public transport, booking a taxi or asking a non-drinking friend or relative to drive or, at least, collect you. You can always offer to return the favour!

  Surrey Police officers have a duty of care to enforce the law and to protect the public and part of this is to take robust action against anyone found to be driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  Neil Clarke, 13363. Crime Reduction Advisor - Eastern Division. PO Box 101, Guildford, Surrey GU1 9PE

  To contact Neil Clarke direct, please call tel 101 Extension 30809 or 01483 630809 / 07467 3367783 or email:

  Call 101 for all non-emergency policing matters.

  Call 999 if you have a genuine emergency requiring the attendance of the police (e.g. a crime is in progress or someone is in immediate danger).

  Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you have information about crime and don't want to leave your name.

  For more crime prevention advice visit  


The Surrey Counter Fraud Partnership is cracking down on social housing tenancy fraudsters who are preventing families from moving into permanent homes. Thanks to their experienced investigators acting on referrals, in the last six months, five properties that were fraudulently occupied have been recovered in Mole Valley. Such properties are now in use by those who had previously been waiting for a permanent home, giving those families a better life and saving taxpayers in Mole Valley an estimated £90,000.

  What is Tenancy Fraud? The most common forms are:

  • Moving out of social housing and renting it to someone else (sub-letting)
• Moving out of social housing and leaving it empty
• Obtaining social housing through deception, by making a fraudulent application
• Fraudulent applications to ‘succeed’ – ie obtain rights to remain in the property, after the current tenant dies
• Illegally assigning a social housing application to someone else
• Taking (or making) a payment for a mutual exchange

  The Surrey Counter Fraud Partnership (SCFP) formed earlier this year to tackle fraud and has eight member districts. The SCFP proactively identifies potential fraud across all of the participating Surrey based local authorities. Information supplied is cross checked with organisations like Companies House and credit reference agencies as well as other local government data. This work assists in uncovering the more complex and sophisticated fraudulent activities that perpetrators seek to accomplish.

  Anyone with information or suspicions of tenancy fraud can call the Mole Valley District Council Confidential Fraud Hotline on 01306 879284.    


The Leatherhead Lions Christmas float may be visiting your road in December. Look out for Father Christmas who is looking forward to meeting you so be sure to give him a generous and warm welcome. All donations this year will go to the Epsom Hospital Medical Fund and other Lions charities. Weekday routes start at 6pm, weekends from 5pm. Mike Rushby, Leatherhead Lions

  Sat 5th
FETCHAM – 4.30pm Lights On 5.30pm at Sainsbury’s Local, Pound Crescent, Orchard Close, River Lane, Mole Road

Sunday 6th
ASHTEAD - Hillside Rd, Darcy Rd, Stonny Croft, Berry Meade, Bramley Way

Tuesday 8th
ASHTEAD - Read Road, Taylor Road, Green Lane, Caen Wood Road, Rosedale, Oakhill Close, The Chase

Thursday 10th
LEATHERHEAD - Clare Crescent, Clare Wood, Aperdele Road, Ryecroft Road,Woodbridge Av, Sands Place, The Fairway, Merton Way

Sat 12th
FETCHAM - Bickney Way Copperfields, Sherwood Close, Oswald Road, Osprey Close, Cock Lane, Penrose Avenue, Humphrey Close, Revel Drive

Monday 14th
ASHTEAD – Petters Rd, Chaffers Mead, Cray Avenue, Newton Wood Road

Tuesday 15th
ASHTEAD – Glebe Road, Skinners Lane, Gladstone Road, Oakfield Road, Paddocks Way & Close

Thursday 17th
LEATHERHEAD – Copthorne Rd, Dilston Rd, Cleeve Rd, Tudor Walk, Boleyn Walk, Parr Close, Falconwood

Saturday 19th
ASHTEAD – The Murrays , West Farm Avenue, Close & Drive, Summerfields, Taleworth area

Sunday 20th
ASHTEAD - Bramley Way, Stonny Croft , Darcy Rd, Bramley Way

Monday 21st
FETCHAM - Spring Grove, Lang Close, Richmond Way, Harecroft, Richmond Close, The Spinney

Tuesday 22nd
FETCHAM - Lodge Road, The Street, Gatesden Road, Warenne Road, Meadow Way, Hillyfield Way, Oswald Road

Wed 23rd
ASHTEAD - Broadhurst, Culverhay, Overdale

Thursday 24th
M25 - Cobham Services 10am - 4pm


Exhibition at the Leatherhead Theatre:

   Saturday 5th December: 3pm-7pm
Thursday 10th December: 3pm-7pm
Friday 11th December: 3pm-7pm
Saturday 12th December: 12pm-7pm

  From 1st December our newly designed website will feature exciting ideas for transforming Leatherhead.  


Roadworks expected until May 2016

  Work has commenced on a £150,000 water main scheme in Ashtead. Sutton and East Surrey Water is to replace the old cast iron water mains in and around a section of the A24 Epsom Road, Ashtead, with a new, tougher plastic pipe that is less prone to bursts and leaks. Construction work will start in Woodview Close before moving along the A24 Epsom Road to the junction of Bramley Way, where it will finish.

  Work started on 16th November 2015 and is due for completion by May 2016.

  Simon Thomson, Project Engineer at Sutton and East Surrey Water, said: “The existing water mains – some of which were laid in the 1930s – have done sterling work in transporting thousands of litres of water every day for many years. However, they are now reaching the end of their lifespan, with an increasing number of bursts occurring. Each time this happens it causes unplanned emergency repairs, interruptions to customers’ water supplies and the loss of water through leaks and bursts. Our scheme will make sure both existing and future customers in this part of Ashtead continue to receive a reliable supply of top quality drinking water.”

  Due to the need to work in the highway, temporary traffic lights will be in place to keep the public, motorists and the workforce safe. If necessary, these lights will be manually operated at peak times to keep traffic in the area moving.    


During this festive season at Polesden Lacey, visitors are invited to enjoy the glamour and sparkle of a 1930s Christmas party.

  Party like it’s 1935

The Edwardian party house will brim with festive traditions. The atmosphere in the house will be alive with the sound of vintage jazz and clinking champagne glasses. The scents of cinnamon and nutmeg will drift through the air heralding the evening’s festive feast and beautifully wrapped gifts will sit waiting to be opened beneath the Christmas tree. Father Christmas will wander the house and gardens, while his trusty reindeers (actually horses putting on a very good show) pull families through the frosty grounds in a festive carriage.

Visitors can sip mulled wine in the dairy courtyard while listening to local choirs singing carols. Little ones can follow a trail looking for Mrs Greville’s mischievous dogs who are playing hide and seek in the house. They’ll also receive a Christmas gift after writing a letter for Father Christmas.

The winter garden is in bloom in December, blanketed in yellow aconites and fragrant sarcacocca.

  For more information about horse and carriage rides, Christmas lunches, Polesdenopoly or wreath making workshops, contact Polesden Lacey visit or call 01372 452048.    


We would like to hear from anyone who can tell us about the Deepdene Estate as it once was! You may recall the days of the magnificent Deepdene House as an hotel, or have stories you have heard locally to pass on to us. Whatever your story we’d like to hear from you.

  Works on the site are progressing well, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, with the new Deepdene Trail set to open in September 2016. More details on what’s happening can be found on our facebook page, .

  If you have a story to tell, or would like to help collect memories from others, we invite you to attend a meeting at the Dorking Museum, West Street, Dorking on Wed 16th December, from 6.30pm–8pm, where refreshments will be provided. The meeting will explain how you can be involved as we would like to meet volunteers interested in learning how to record Oral History, as well as those who have stories to share. Please contact MVDC via email on: to secure your place.  


Getting to the Guide Hut on Barnett Wood Lane used to be a perilous yet essential part of being a member of Girlguiding in Ashtead. The driveway was pitted with potholes large enough to engulf the boldest of Brownies on dark evenings and crucially, it was impossible for wheelchair users to reach the Hut.

  Urgent action was needed, and over the summer we paid for the driveway to be completely resurfaced ready for the start of term in September. Fortunately, this was just in time for wheelchair user Olivia Sherwin to start Brownies in her Powerchair 'Bob'.

  Our smooth, new driveway paves the way for Ashtead Girlguiding to open its doors to all girls and young women who want to benefit from taking part in fun, exciting activities and having the chance to make lifelong friends. But with an enormous waiting list of around 80 names, some may never be offered the opportunity to join us.

  What we need now is more volunteers, to make Guiding even more inclusive in Ashtead. Could you offer a few hours a week or a month? We welcome Duke of Edinburgh volunteers as well as adults. Guiding is only made possible by the energy, commitment and enthusiasm of people who want to make a difference in their community. As well as helping girls have fun and learn, volunteering can help you boost your own abilities and confidence. Please do get in touch to find out how you can get involved.

  Email us at: