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Creating a “vision” for Ashtead’s future is the first big step in developing the Village’s Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). It’s an important step because creating that vision provides residents with a broad description of how we would like to see the Village develop over the next 15 years.

The NDP also provides an overarching message to tell local and national planning authorities how Ashtead residents see the future of the area in which they live – at least as far as all those matters impacted by planning are concerned.

Ashtead Neighbourhood Development Forum (the Forum) met recently to look at how the ‘vision’ might be developed. The Forum felt that a statement put to the meeting was broadly right for Ashtead as it sets out both the Forum’s mission as well as its objectives as far as the development of an Ashtead NDP is concerned.

The statement read, “The Ashtead Neighbourhood Development Plan will seek to maintain and enhance the sense of community within the village by protecting and enhancing the natural and built environment, assisting the local economy, and improving travel, leisure and life-long learning opportunities while supporting our needs with appropriate development”.

The Forum raised a number of points such as whether an NDP could influence ‘lifelong learning’ which, on the face of it, is not a planning issue. After discussion, it was agreed that by actively expressing support for such facilities as the library and the Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, the residents were expressing a legitimate concern should these places be in anyway be impacted by planning issues in the future.

Similarly, the Forum asked whether the NDP could influence the County Council on matters within its remit such as transport and education. The view was expressed that it could, as it was often incumbent upon the County Council to seek views of the local planning authority whose views would be influenced by an NDP.

Other areas such as “wellbeing” covering doctors, dentists, care for the elderly as well as pre-school care and nurseries were also suggested as being essential aspects of the local community which could be impacted by planning decisions and so should be included in the NDP.

It was felt that as the Vision was such an important aspect of the NDP the views of the Ashtead community should be sought early, so that the Forum and ACV work was, from the outset, consistent with local opinion. ACV will therefore soon begin a community engagement programme through interaction with individuals, local organisations and clubs.

In terms of timing, the Forum heard that the production of the NDP would not have to wait until Mole Valley District Council had adopted its Housing & Traveller Sites Plan in mid 2016 but could be completed earlier than this, possibly during 2015.

For further information concerning the Ashtead NDP, either go to the website at: or email You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter @AshteadCV .

  John Morgan ACV member


We would like any past volunteers and riders to contact us so that we can invite you to the Celebration. Please email or telephone 01372 470146


September brings changes for many of us. Returning to work after a much needed holiday, going back to work or school; or even starting at a new school or college for the first time. This can be a very stressful time, when normal routines are disrupted and new routines have to be established.

What has any of this got to do with your local policing team? It’s a fair question. The point is that it’s very easy to get caught up in all these changes and to forget the simple precautions that you would normally take to safeguard your possessions and property. It’s easy to forget to secure windows and doors when leaving the house in a hurry. Remembering to lock your car when it is parked and taking all items of value with you! All of these are things that you have probably got into the habit of doing automatically but it is easy to be distracted when there are so many other things on your mind at the time.

It only takes a simple lapse to give a perfect opportunity for someone to take advantage and to gain entry to your home or your vehicle and to make off with things that are really important to you.

During the summer months, many of us will have been gardening on a regular basis. Sometimes, it was tempting to leave equipment, such as mowers and garden tools out, rather than locking them away. We received a significant increase in reported thefts of quite valuable garden equipment over recent months, often from their being left out or being put away in insecure sheds. This remains a problem at this time of year. It’s also worth noting that would-be burglars will often make use of your tools, ladders etc to gain entry to your home.

Many of you will also be doing last minute shopping before returning to work or school. Please keep your purses and wallets safe when you are out and about. It is easy to be distracted and it only takes seconds for an “expert” to deprive you of your cash, credit cards, driving licence and, if they are all together in a bag, your car keys and other personal possessions. Think of the inconvenience and unfortunate consequences of this happening to you! Always keep your handbag, purse or wallet close to you and never leave your bags unattended when you are out shopping.

Also, be aware of who is around you when you are using cash points outside banks and ATMs. Quite a few people are tricked into being distracted by someone when withdrawing cash. Sometimes, you will have been seen entering your security code and then the card is taken while you are distracted and it can then be used to withdraw cash or pay for items using your account. Always make sure that no one is watching when you are entering your PIN code and do not respond to anyone approaching you while you are doing this. If they are genuine, then they will be happy to wait a few seconds while you complete your transaction.

None of this advice is meant to cause anyone undue concern. It is just a reminder to do everything possible to avoid the additional stress of having to deal with a theft or burglary, when there is plenty already going on in your lives to keep you busy.

Neil Clarke, 13363
Crime Reduction Advisor - Eastern Division
PO Box 101, Guildford, Surrey GU1 9PE
Tel:  101 Extension 30809

For more crime prevention advice visit

If you need to contact your local policing team, you can always email us at or call 101 and ask for extension 39635 – direct dial is 01483 639635.

For all other non-emergency issues, please contact 101 or, in an emergency – or if you see a crime actually taking place – always call 999

Call independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you have information about a crime and don't want to leave your name.


The Great British Bake Off is back. Do you love the cakes they bake and the fun they have? Well I love baking, I love GBBO and I love meeting new people, so I have created The Ashtead, Bookham & Leatherhead Clandestine Cake Club. It's open to men and women, to novices to the more experienced bakers (I did mention it's open to men too didn't I?): there is no judging, it's just for fun and you never know who you might meet. The idea is that anyone who fancies their hand at baking can bake a cake, cupcakes, a sweet pie/tart, flan cookies or biscuits and bring it along. Each meeting will have a "theme" ie: naughty but nice, fruit & nut, family fun, chocolate, chillies etc it just has to be sweet.

Membership is free and each baking member will be able to bring a non baking guest with them; then everyone will try each other's offerings and take a selection home; so make sure you bring empty boxes ... and the only cost will be for your drinks. So what's not to like?

The first meeting will be at Handleys Fine Food & Coffee Shop, 27 The Street Ashtead KT21 1AA and the theme for our first meeting will be "Freehand", bake whatever you want, it's just for fun.

To be part of this fantastic trend and to discover the date of our clandestine meeting all you need to do is register; via the Facebook page Ashtead Clandestine Cake Club or email It is advisable to get registered early as space will be limited so it will be on first come first served basis. I will need your name, your email address, a contact number preferably a mobile number and the name of the non baking guest you will be bringing with you. Remember, you will be the baking member and your guest will be non baking on this occasion, but, if they would like to bake in the future they can simply register.

I have been asked if I arrange workshops to show how to bake without wheat, how to stop your fruit dropping to bottom of your cake and what are the different types of buttercream icing, so please keep watching out for details on: Facebook: Ashtead Clandestine Cake Club, Email: I hope you enjoy this years GBBO and I look forward to meeting you and your baked goodies. Lesley


Between 2014-18, the Woodland Trust will be commemorating the Centenary of the First World War on a national scale. Millions of trees will be planted in memory of everyone involved in the war, from those that paid the highest price to the hardworking men and women who made sacrifices off the battlefield.

The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity, championing native woods and trees. It owns over 1,000 sites across the UK, covering 50,000 acres.

The Centenary Woods project revolves around ambitious plans to create four flagship sites – one in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The site selected for the English wood is Langley Vale Wood near Epsom, Surrey. It is made up of 640 acres of rolling hills and grassy fields, where the Trust will plant 200,000 native trees and create carpets of striking wildflowers, transforming the land into a peaceful place where people can reflect.

Surrey is home to more ancient woodland than any other county and there are over 140 acres of existing woodland, mainly ancient, near Langley Vale. This flagship wood will link and buffer these vital habitats, creating a safe environment for wildlife to thrive.

Donations made towards the project will play a huge part in purchasing, developing and caring for the new woods. The English wood, for example, requires £9 million to contribute towards the total cost of the site. All four sites will also need a further £2.4 million, accumulatively. Members of the public can make contributions to a site of their choice and, as is the case with all Woodland Trust woods, be able to visit the wood they have made a contribution towards free of charge for decades to come.

The Trust is also offering the chance to dedicate a tree in one of the Centenary Woods. A donation of £20 will enable the Trust to dedicate a single tree, which will become part of a larger woodland story and stand as a tribute for future generations to appreciate.

Community groups and schools can also apply for packs of free trees, which will allow them to plant their own commemorative woodland. Various themes are available to applicants, such as packs intended for wildlife, wetland areas, and for autumn colour. Schools will immediately be eligible for a pack of 30 trees, and the first packs are due to be sent out this autumn. Sainsbury’s is the Trust’s lead partner in the Centenary Woods project and has pledged £4 million over the course of the four years. The Armed Forces Cadets are also aiming to raise £1 million over the next four years towards the project.

It is hoped that planting acres of land with native, broadleaved trees will transform local landscapes, making it a calming retreat for both nature and communities.

To find out more about the project, dedicate a tree or make a contribution to any of the four flagship sites simply visit


We (Ivan Storey of SeeAbility and Colin Bean, SeeAbility Tandem Club volunteer) completed the Ride London Surrey 100 on our bright yellow tandem despite conditions best described as challenging.

The forecast was bleak and we soon forgave the organisers' brave but wise call to remove part of the course, which would have been rendered too dangerous in such weather.  Whilst it made the challenge a 'mere' 86 miles, the torrential rain and high winds made up for the shortened distance.

We arrived triumphant, emotional, elated and shattered on after The Mall 7 hours and 11 minutes, with a moving time of 5 hours 39 minutes after numerous stops.  It was an amazing and unforgettable experience for us both and really good fun.  Ivan is chuffed to bits with his lovely heavy medal and so many vivid memories.  If you cheered, we hope you heard the response from our comedy hooter!

We would like to extend thanks to all our supporters and donors.  If any readers now feel such an effort deserves a donation, please email and I will reply with details of how you can donate either online or offline.  We will even collect your donation in person if you would like to see and feel the medal!


Sam is a pure bred English Setter and is a rescue dog from Greece. We are trying to find a good home for him in the UK. He is about 6 years old and neutered. A few months ago he was found starving and unable to walk, but now he’s a happy, healthy, affectionate and lovable dog. He’s also been poisoned, but we saved him in time. Right now, he’s in Greece, but all transport and vet costs to the UK can be paid.

If you are interested in having Sam, or would like further details, please contact: