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The Leatherhead Lions Club announce that the successful PROJECT WENCESLAS is to be repeated again this year to help those in fuel poverty. If you are the receipt of the £100 winter fuel supplement from the government and can afford to pass it on to someone in need then The Lions would gratefully receive your donation. Last winter over £11,000 was given towards helping those in debt arrears with their electricity and gas bills. Individual cases for assistance are closely monitored by the the Citizens’ Advice Bureaux in Leatherhead and Dorking and 40 clients were assisted with funds from the project.

  Mike Rushby, Lions organiser says “Although we read earlier this year that Leatherhead is one of the richest districts in the UK, there are still people in the Mole Valley who need our help. As the weather is turner colder the need to keep warm becomes a necessity for the old and infirm so please help if you can. Last year we even helped a gentlemen who had no heating for warmth or hot water by paying for a load of coal to be delivered.” It’s a service which we take great pride in providing but it cannot happen without your continuing generosity.”

  For more information please contact Mike Rushby on 07833 574089    


The charity was founded by Ashtead resident Dr Charlotte Hawkins, focussing on supporting the treatment of children with Club Foot in Zanzibar. The Charity has been supported by the Ashtead Rotary Club.

  Every day hundreds of children in Africa are born with Club Foot, a disability affecting one or both feet. If babies are treated soon after birth it is possible to transform their lives with a clinical intervention to re-align their foot.

The Finance Trustee role

The charity is straightforward operationally but the Finance Trustee should be familiar with Charity Commission and Companies House requirements, be able to run the (low transaction volume) accounting and prepare and file annual accounts.

  There may from time to time be a need to provide information to support grant applications.

  Oversight of spending in Zanzibar is managed via quarterly returns from a local charity that administers the programme on ICA’s behalf.

  The role requires about four hours per quarter and maybe ten hours once a year to prepare and file accounts.

If you would like to apply for the role, please email    


It could be said that young carers are the invisible children in our community. When people are asked if they know any young carers, their faces go blank. Even professionals are likely to miss indicators that suggest that the home situations of the youngsters that they know or support are causing them stress or hardship.

  So many people think that young carers are only labelled as such if they carry out personal care for parents or siblings or take on an unusually large proportion of household chores. Although this is sadly the case for far too many young people, at My Time we recognise that if a family member suffers from either physical or mental ill-health, it more often than not impacts negatively on the lives of the children. If siblings have behavioural problems, life at home can be very difficult for their brothers and sisters. Stress is the one thing that links all these young people. Parents often feel guilty that they can’t give their children the treats or more importantly the attention that they deserve and so the stress levels are compounded.

  My Time was set up purely to give the members some respite for the problems at home and an opportunity to meet other young carers. It’s hard to take friends home if you don’t know what you’ll find when you get there. It’s hard for children and young people to admit that their home set-up is different from that of their school friends. For these and many other reasons, it’s hard for young carers to make and keep friends.

  But at My Time sessions, members can let their hair down, forget their troubles and have fun.

  Everything is free – sessions, off-site activities, transport and food. The Trustees love the fact that My Time is a true community project with funding from local groups and individuals keeping us financially afloat. However, without the amazing input from the volunteers, My Time wouldn’t exist. They drive, cook, provide inspiration and support for activities, encourage and support the quietest members of the groups and above all else, listen.

  Club sessions take place at St. Mary’s, The Ridgeway, Fetcham KT22 9AZ between 7.00pm-8.30pm, every second Monday of the month. New members are also very welcome.

  If you know a young carer who is over 12 and would enjoy a fun break from home, please do get in touch.

  If you could help by joining the Team of volunteer drivers and club helpers who run the Fetcham group, do please contact Barbara at info@mytime4young or text or call her 07517 867513.

  My Time = quality time for everyone. Registered Charity Number: 1155572.    


The organisers of the second Dorking Film Festival, which will take place on Saturday 25 February 2017 at the Dorking Halls, the day before the Oscars in Hollywood, have opened submissions for its six competition categories. The call for films by local film-makers comes after the success of the first Dorking Film Festival in 2016, which attracted 950 submissions from Surrey and the rest of the world. Winners will be presented with the coveted ‘Golden Chicken.’

  Co-organisers David Perilli and Robert McCaffrey say that they will improve upon the first edition of the festival in a number of ways. “We’ve expanded the popular competition categories by including animation and documentary classes, and we’ve included a Corporate Films category for the first time as well,’ said Robert McCaffrey. Other competition categories include Junior Short Films (directors aged 18 or younger), Adult Short Films (directors aged over 18) and Student Short Films (directors in higher education).

  Alongside the competition and local history sessions, the Dorking Film Festival will also include networking sessions with the film-makers, as well as the festival’s own Oscars verdict.

  “Those who came to the first Dorking Film Festival,” said David Perilli, “will recall what a mesmerising, creative and off-beat collection of brilliant films that were included. We hope to at least match the selection of last time, and we encourage all local film-makers to submit their films to what will be - in our eyes at least - the first significant film festival in 2017.”

Outside of the competitions, the local history section was very popular last year and will be repeated, and we are looking for donations of footage of Surrey in the past.

  Full details can be found at    


More than 500 Rainbows, Brownies and Guides, including many from Fetcham, Leatherhead and Ashtead, had fun at the inaugural and hugely successful “Growing Up Wild” day at Norbury Park on Saturday 15th October.

  The event aimed to encourage the girls, aged 5 to 14, to enjoy themselves, while exploring and connecting with nature. It was the joint partnership of Girlguiding and the Surrey Wildlife Trust, the latter of which organised an action-packed day of activities in the park. 

The younger girls searched for minibeasts, identified plants and trees, and made food out of mud in the mud kitchen, as well as stick sculptures. Some of the Guides, aged 10-14, did conservation work in the woods of Norbury Park, helping Surrey Wildlife Trust to saw down a number of trees. Other special activities included building wigwams, dressing up as slugs and birds, and learning to light a campfire with flint and steel, over which the girls toasted marshmallows.

  HM Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey Mr Michael More-Molyneux and the High Sheriff of Surrey Richard Whittington attended to watch the fun.

  Girlguiding is a leading charity for girls and young women in the UK and relies on the dedication and support of thousands of volunteers. For more info and to volunteer in Fetcham, Leatherhead or Ashtead, contact Christine Moss on or    


What is flu? Isn’t it just a heavy cold? How will I know if I’ve got it?

Flu occurs every year, usually in the winter, which is why it’s sometimes called seasonal flu. It’s a highly infectious disease with symptoms that come on very quickly. Colds are much less serious and usually start gradually with a stuffy or runny nose and a sore throat. A bad bout of flu can be much worse than a heavy cold.

  The most common symptoms of flu are fever, chills, headache, aches and pains in the joints and muscles, and extreme tiredness. Healthy individuals usually recover within two to seven days, but for some the disease can lead to hospitalisation, permanent disability or even death.

  What causes flu?
Flu is caused by influenza viruses that infect the windpipe and lungs. And because it’s caused by viruses and not bacteria, antibiotics won’t treat it. If, however, there are complications from getting flu, antibiotics may be needed.

  How do you catch flu and can I avoid it?
When an infected person coughs or sneezes, they spread the flu virus in tiny droplets of saliva over a wide area. These droplets can then be breathed in by other people or they can be picked up by touching surfaces where the droplets have landed. You can prevent the spread of the virus by covering your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze, and you can wash your hands frequently or use hand gels to reduce the risk of picking up the virus.

  One myth is that people feel they can get the flu from having the jab. The flu vaccination does not contain a live virus, therefore it cannot give you the flu. However, many people each year wait until they notice others are getting ill before being vaccinated. The flu vaccination can take up to two weeks to work, by which time the virus may already have been contracted.

  Are you and your family eligible for a free flu jab?
GPs and pharmacists across Surrey are already running specific flu clinics for anyone eligible for a free vaccination. If you aren't in an 'at risk' category and still want the jab, participating pharmacists can provide this for a small charge. Please note however that pharmacists can only supply the jab to those over 18, so if you have a child please visit your GP.

  Free flu vaccinations are available for:
• pregnant women
• children aged two to four years (via a nasal spray)
• anyone aged 65 years or over
• anyone aged six months to under 65 years in a clinical risk group (e.g. those suffering from long-term health conditions, including a learning disability)
• residents living in a long-stay residential care home
• household contacts of anyone who is immunocompromised
• carers (including young carers)

  The vaccination is also available to four to seven year olds through their school.

  A few of the participating pharmacists in the area:

• Mauripharm Ltd, 224 Barnett Wood Lane, Ashtead, KT21 2DB

  Epsom (and Epsom Downs):
• Lloyds Pharmacy Ltd, 1 Tattenham Crescent, Epsom Downs, KT18 5QG
• Paydens Ltd, 33 Tattenham Crescent, Epsom Downs, KT18 5QJ

• Day Lewis PLC, 4 The Parade, Kingston Road, Leatherhead, KT22 7SR
• Boots UK Ltd, 5 High Street, Great Bookham, Leatherhead, KT23 4AA

  Further information, including a comprehensive list of participating pharmacists and vouchers for carers, is available at    


Places are now available to join Ashtead’s ‘Over 60's Lunch Club’ which is now in its 50th year. The club meets at Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall in the Ralli Room every Thursday (except August).

   Doors open at 10.30am for tea and biscuits and a freshly prepared lunch is served at 12.30pm Main courses consist of old favourites such as roasts, cottage pie or steak and kidney pie. Puddings may be hot or cold, pudding with custard (or ice cream) depending on the season. A cup of tea is then served for those who wish to stay and chat for a little longer.

  There is always a special celebratory menu for Christmas. The cost of each meal is just £4.50. It’s the ideal way to enjoy a hot meal whilst making new friends or meeting up with old ones to catch up on the latest news. If you would like further information please call Brenda on 01372 813276 for a chat.