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Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) is working with Nexus Planning and Broadway Malyan - planning, regeneration and design specialists - to prepare a long term masterplan for Leatherhead town centre.

  The masterplan is being prepared to consider the future role of the town centre and identify how Leatherhead can achieve the potential it deserves as an important historic market town in the heart of Surrey.

  The work will concentrate on how economic, environmental, social and cultural aspects of the town centre can be improved. A key element of this will be to agree a vision for Leatherhead town centre with residents and businesses, from which short, medium and long term actions can be agreed.

  · Determine the changes needed to improve the town centre
· Consider a range of themes and issues, including retail, leisure, housing, transport, car parking, green spaces, heritage and community facilities
· Set out a deliverable portfolio of projects to guide regeneration

  The Masterplan will take a long term view, looking as far ahead as ten years, to ensure all future development decisions are compatible with an agreed vision for the town centre. No doubt the process will also bring to light joint actions that can be dealt with quickly.

  As part of the first stage of consultation we are holding two public exhibitions on issues and opportunities for the town centre. At the exhibitions you will be able to speak to a member of the consultant team and complete a questionnaire to express your views. The exhibitions will take place in Leatherhead High Street on:

  Friday 26 June: 10am-6pm
Saturday 27 June: 9am-2pm

For those who are particularly interested in getting involved we will also be undertaking:

  · A Walk and Talk tour of the town centre at 11am on each day
· A Workshop to discuss key issues and opportunities at 1pm on each day

  More info on:  


Nearly four people a month on average are killed or seriously injured on Surrey’s roads in collisions involving drink or drug- impaired drivers or by those who are driving carelessly.  Statistics show that drinking and driving affects people across all age groups in the county, both male and female, but 17 to 25 year-olds are at the greatest risk. 

  In particular, in the coming months, we will be looking at the issue of drivers who are driving inconsiderately, dangerously or who are seen using their hand-held mobile phones. You are ten times more likely to have an accident when being distracted by using a mobile phone, which could result in a £100 fine and three points on your licence, or result in a court appearance. Even if they are not stopped at the time by officers, those who are seen doing this will be contacted by police to outline the consequences of their actions.

  With summer now upon us, we are also reminding drivers not to risk the safety of all road users by drinking and driving as statistics show an increase during the summer months.

  It is important to remember that alcohol takes time to leave the system and you may still be “over the limit”, with impaired driving capabilities, the day after that party!

  Another point to be aware of is that the wearing of seatbelts is compulsory and there are strict guidelines relating to children being passengers in cars. Child and baby seats must confirm to current regulations and be adjusted for the correct height and size of the child. For more information you may like to check out

  Alternatively, you can contact your local Casualty Reduction Officers, PCs Peter Hawkins and John Fruen. Just call 101 and ask to be put through to either of them. Alternatively, email Please be responsible when you are out driving and do not do anything that is likely to cause injury to yourself or to others. The consequences could be with you for a long time to come.

  If you witness dangerous driving or suspect that someone may be driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs then please report it. Call 101 or 999 in an emergency. We do appreciate that the vast majority of road users in Surrey drive responsibly but there are always those who put other road users at risk.

  Neil Clarke, 13363. Crime Reduction Advisor - Eastern Division, PO Box 101, Guildford, Surrey GU1 9PE

  To contact Neil Clarke direct, please call:Tel:  101 Extension 30809 or 01483 630809 / 07467 3367783 or email:

   Call 101 for all non-emergency policing matters.

   Call 999 if you have a genuine emergency requiring the attendance of the police (e.g. a crime is in progress or someone is in immediate danger).

   Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you have information about crime and don't want to leave your name.

  For more crime prevention advice visit


Let’s keep the housing mix ‘as is’ in Ashtead. Parliamentary debates are often described on the news as being ‘lively’ when in reality the video coverage shows parliamentarians shouting at each other across the chamber.

  Thankfully, the Ashtead Neighbourhood Forum meetings are somewhat more civilized though no less lively in terms of the discussion about our emerging Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) and so the future of Ashtead.

  And so it was when the Forum met last month, primarily to focus on the Housing report which had been prepared by the Forum’s working party – Ashtead Community Vision (ACV).

  The meeting began well but quickly became more analytical and questioning when discussion turned to potential planning policies which could be adopted for the Ashtead NDP – and so adopted by Mole Valley District Council (once due process had been completed).

  What became clear very quickly was that sections of the Forum were concerned about being too proscriptive in terms of what policies the NDP ought to adopt. For example, if the Forum wanted to dictate the number of bedrooms new housing in Ashtead should have (in order to meet the perceived need for smaller houses) then it was pointed out that this would not work because developers would simply call the fourth or fifth bedroom an ‘office’ and so by-pass planning laws that way.

  Other concerns raised related to the original research done to identify future demand for housing in Ashtead – a notoriously difficult exercise even for the planning professionals. Early work undertaken by ACVs housing sub group had suggested that more properties suitable for more elderly people needed to be built in Ashtead in order to satisfy future demand. Though the work had been thoroughly investigated by planning experts and given the ‘green light’, it was agreed that further work would be undertaken – by analysing local GP surgery lists – to see if the broad premise revealed by the Housing group still stacked up.

  Other matters discussed was whether there should be a policy about bungalows; the distance the elderly could be expected to travel to local shops in the Village; parking outside residential accommodation; and the Government scrapping of certain standards which may have helped homes, more suitable for the elderly, to be developed as a matter of course.

  One aspect of the housing report which did meet with almost universal agreement was the need to maintain the “mix” of housing as it stands in the Village in order to maintain its character. It was suggested that the Inspector should also be made aware of this mix and the mix of housing in each area – if not each street – within Ashtead as it was felt this was the only reasonable way to avoid being too proscriptive when it came to future planning permissions for new homes.

  So discussion of the housing report led to a very ‘lively’ Forum meeting, but not too much shouting and no calls of “Order! Order!”

  You can find out more about ACV and the Forum’s work at:

  John Morgan ACV member


Summer Screen is back! Due to popular demand, the screen event will be taking place at The Children’s Trust, Tadworth Court, Tadworth during the afternoon and evening of Saturday 4th July 2015.

    Now in its second year, Summer Screen, sponsored by Fidelity Worldwide Investment will be screening two fabulous movies - everyone’s favourite Paddington Bear, and the most successful musical movie of all time – Grease!

    In the afternoon, before Paddington Bear is screened, there will be lots of attractions and activities to keep youngsters busy, including fairground rides, face painting, bouncy castle and much more! Families will be able to enjoy a picnic lunch which can be pre-booked via the website, or purchased on the day. The afternoon’s entertainment will start at 1pm with the screening of Paddington Bear at 2pm.

    The Summer Screen evening will start at 7.30pm, with Grease being screened at 8.30pm Visitors are encouraged to enjoy the full atmosphere of the 70’s American musical romantic comedy-drama by dressing in vintage style to sing-along and dance the night away. A Grease fancy dress competition will take place during the evening and there will be plenty of refreshments - gourmet burgers, a bar serving champagne, Pimms and beer – and also a special vintage refreshments van. Picnic hampers can also be pre-booked or purchased on the night. For afternoon and evening ticket prices, and to book on-line, including picnic hampers, visit:

    Money raised from Summer Screen will benefit The Children’s Trust, the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury

  John Morgan ACV member


NHS Blood & Transplant reports that it is reaching crisis point and is calling for new blood donors following a 40% drop in new volunteers in the past decade. 120,000 fewer donors registered 2014-15, than in 2004-05. The blood unit is calling for 204,000 new volunteers to start donating.

  Who can donate?

  · Healthy 17-65 year olds who weigh at least 7st 12lb
· Men can donate four times a year, women three
· Just under a pint (470ml) of blood is taken

· With an appointment, it should take no more than hour · A delay may be required after foreign travel, a tattoo or acupuncture


• Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100, a mass-participation ride for 25,000+ cyclists; passing locally from 09:00 until 15:30
• Prudential RideLondon-Surrey Classic, a race for 150 professional cyclists; passing through Leatherhead between 17:00 and 18:00
• All event timings are predicted and may vary slightly.


Roads closed from 07:30:
• A24 (By-Pass Road) from Beaverbrook Roundabout to Givons Grove Roundabout.
• A24 Northbound from Dorking to Burford Bridge.
• A24 Southbound from Mickleham to Pixham Roundabout.
• B2450 (Dorking Road), Church Street, The Cresent, Leret Way, Bull Hill and Randalls Road.
• A246 between junction with A25 at Clandon and The Street at West Horsley.
• A244 (Oxshott Road/Leatherhead Road) from junction with Oaklawn Road towards Esher.
• A3 slips at Esher Common.
• The A246 between West Horsley and Hawk’s Hill/Young Street remains open throughout the day.

  Roads closed from 08:30: Oaklawn Road.


Roads will begin to reopen from 18:30 as soon as it is safe and practical to do so once the professional race has passed and barriers have been removed from the road.

  Oaklawn Road will reopen from 16:00-17:00 after the last mass participation rider has passed to link the A245 to A244 and access the M25. Oaklawn Road will close again for a short period for the professional race to pass from approx 17:00.

  No roads are closed on Saturday 1st August.

The Swan Shopping Centre and car park will remain open. Access is possible to the car park, vehicles should approach from Bridge Street to North Street where temporary traffic lights will permit entry into and out of the car park. The A246 between West Horsley and Hawk’s Hill/Young Street remains open throughout the day.

  Leatherhead Station – train station drop offs can be made on Station Road when approaching from Guildford Road and Bridge Street or on Kingston Road (A245) on the north of the route. Stewarded pedestrian crossing points will help you cross the event route.

  Access to and from Mickleham and Givons Grove can be made via Young Street (A246) and a contraflow at the Givons Grove Roundabout throughout the closure period. Givons Grove is accessed via Mickleham Drive and Mickleham is accessed via Old London Road at Box Hill School from the A24.

  The Prudential RideLondon Hub will be based at the Swan Shopping Centre in Leatherhead, making it a great spot to watch both events.

  If you have an access question about social care, or medical visit, a wedding, or any other planning needs for the day of the event, email or call 0345 8949773. Emergency vehicle access will be maintained throughout the day.

  More info on:, 020 7902 0212 |