Don’t forget, you can pick up a copy of The Ashtead & Leatherhead Local magazine from Ashtead and Leatherhead libraries, as well as the customer service desk of Sainsbury’s Leatherhead.



Why not come and join us in a LITTER PICKING group for just 1 hour?

Meet at 09.50 for briefing by a member of the ARA Committee:
· Outside Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall
· At Ashtead Station car park
· Outside the Football Club, near the pond
· Outside The Greville School
· On the corner of Barnett Wood Lane and West Farm Avenue
· Outside St Andrews School
· On the corner of Craddocks Avenue and A24

Please wear strong shoes, and bring thick protective gloves. Bags will be provided.

Bring the bags back to the starting point at 11.00am or hand them to Red Cloud Recycling

Collection of rubbish and rubbish bags. Red Cloud Recycling has once again offered the use of their van to collect the rubbish and rubbish bags from our volunteers at the various meeting points. Thank you to Eddie Shiels. If you are working on your own in your own area, please let me know and we can ask Eddie to come and collect your rubbish or otherwise please bring them to the APMH Car Park from 11am onwards.

Or you could work in your own road or immediate area, either on your own, or with a group of neighbours. For example you may wish to:
· Clean your street name and signs with a bucket of water and a scrubbing brush
· Cut the front hedge or shrubs back to your boundary, if they are overhanging.
· Offer to help elderly or disabled neighbours

If possible, please let us know in advance so that we don’t send people to the same place.

Coffee Special. Beverley, the Landlord of The Brewery Inn has offered once again to host a get together in the back room of the pub, for anyone who has taken part in the Spring Clean. Tea or coffee will be served from 11.15am free of charge. Please join your committee members there after the work is done, and meet all the other Ashtead residents who care about the Village.

If you have any queries please email or call 07733 621614


Leatherhead & Epsom Hospitals
Residents who are concerned about the transfer of the Clinical Assessment Unit from Leatherhead Hospital to Epsom Hospital, will, hopefully, be pleased to know that this is not because of financial cuts to services, but rather to make the service more widely available and to assist with emergency cases arriving at the A & E department. Amendments to the Bill going through Parliament in mid March, should ensure the right of GPs and the community to have a say in the future of their local hospitals. Future increase in population, overstretching social and health services, will need support from voluntary services - should Leatherhead have a Good Neighbours scheme? How can we support the elderly returning to their homes rather than going into hospital or nursing homes? Please bring your questions and concerns, to the Residents' Association open meetings or put them in a letter in the LRA post box in the Letherhead Institute.

MVDC Offices - Pippbrook
On another note, our Council continues to be very concerned over the high costs and difficulties involved in using Pippbrook. What with awkward floor levels for the disabled, generally poor insulation, inadequate fenestration and high square footage it is quite a headache. However, the style and presentation are valued by many of the residents of MV. The attractive, former library, Pippbrook house, also presents problems as it needs general refurbishment. There was talk, a couple of years ago, of buying the old telephone exchange (which is adjacent to the site) demolishing it and building a more useful collection of offices for our Officers. Apparently, also, there is some space on the main site for the construction of residential accommodation. A series of Drop in consultations will have been held in March but there is also provision for answering an online questionnaire.

LRA AGM - Monday 14th April
Our Annual General Meeting will take place on 14th April in the Abraham Dixon Hall at the Letherhead Institute at the top of the High Street, at 7.30 a.m. After a brief AGM we will hear from three speakers on the topics of Town, Legal Advice and the River Mole. John Howarth from Action for Market Towns; our Citizens Advice Bureau manager, Anne Haigh, and Jim Jones the Living Landscapes Officer from Surrey Wildlife Trust with a presentation about the River will all speak for approximately 20 minutes each and there will be an opportunity for questions from the audience. Members and non-members welcome.

Caroline Brown Secretary


At Buckley Pharmacy, 78 The Street, ASHTEAD, on the first Tuesday of every month from 9.30am to 11.30am, Sophie on 07847 162128, AND at St George’s Church, Barnett Wood Lane, ASHTEAD, on the first Wednesday of every month from 11.30am to 1.30pm, Janet on 07757 734381, Drop-in for information or assistance.


Rianna's Fund brought a little bit of Amsterdam to Ashtead as it launched its 2014 sponsored bike ride.

After the huge success of the 2012 Ashtead to Paris bike ride, local Charity Rianna's Fund is looking to sign up people from the area who want a personal challenge in 2014 and are also interested in helping children in developing countries.

The 300 mile, three day ride will pass through four countries and cater for all ages over 18 and all abilities. There will also be a training programme to get everyone in shape and provide opportunities for participants to share training tips and get to know their fellow riders. En route, all travel, accommodation and meals will be provided, with experienced guides riding alongside the carefully chosen route.

All participants have to do is commit to raise £850 in sponsorship. This will cover all expenses and make a big contribution to changing the lives of some of the poorest children in the world. The bike ride is a key fund raiser for Rianna's Fund, with the 2012 ride raising enough to build a four classroom school block in Uganda, educating 150 children every year.

For you and your friends this could be the challenge you are looking for in 2014. All you need to do is go to and secure your place with a £100 deposit. Places are limited so get signing up now!

For more information about Rianna's Fund and its work please visit the website at


Hosts and supports needed
Could you welcome two Belarusian or Ukrainian children into your home and invite them to share in your life for two weeks this summer?

The children come to the UK for a four-week recuperative break from the after-effects of the Chernobyl disaster. A four-week break from radiation, eating nourishing food and breathing clean air, is believed to improve their health significantly, by giving their immune systems a chance to recover and to increase their life expectancy by up to two years.

We are urgently seeking volunteers living within easy reach of Epsom and Ashtead to act as hosts, or to support a host, for two weeks between 18th July and 15th August 2014.

Outings and activities are organised for the children, and their hosts and supports can join in with many of these if they wish. You don’t need to have children yourselves to apply.

To find out more, please contact: Kathy (Publicity) 01293 734813
Tessa (Secretary) 01372 741228
Liz (Host and Support Co-ordinator) 01372 720419


A huge thank you to all those who have supported us over the years, by shopping at our Leatherhead store and generously donating your quality items. You have helped us continue our fight against poverty all over the world.

Recently we have been able to assist some of those affected by the storms and floods in the UK, and hope to continue to do so for as long as is necessary.

Our current Mother Appeal is going well. Special thanks go to the tax-payers who signed up, as the Government is doubling their usual 25% on Gift Aid items until the end of March 2014, so we are able to raise even more funds.

The bridal section, launched in 2008, has been successful in helping many brides find their perfect outfit. We are very grateful to the designers and brides who donate new and ‘preloved’ gowns and accessories. Our stock of bridesmaid dresses and formal wear is also increasing.

Finally, another huge thank you to all the volunteers without whom the store could not function; their support and dedication is greatly appreciated. Anyone wishing to join our team is welcome to pop in for a chat.

We look forward to a successful 2014, not only for ourselves but also for everyone.

Oxfam, 42 High Street, Leatherhead, KT22 8AJ
Tel: 01372 378819 E:


Consultation exercise for possible housing development under way. Ashtead Neighbourhood Forum and its working group Ashtead Community Vision (ACV) have been busy plying Village streets with copies of the latest newsletter as part of the site assessment consultation process.

Together with the website and emailing our contacts, the consultation exercise is picking up pace. So, if you haven’t seen the newsletter then please take a look at the ACV website and check your letter box to see if you’ve had a copy. You can also find copies in Ashtead library if you’re passing down Woodfield lane. An open morning at Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall (APMH) will be held on the 29th March. (see below).

The need is, of course, for the community to take note and comment on the site assessment work that has been undertaken by ACV. In total ten sites in Ashtead have been put forward for possible housing development. Each of these sites (see list below) has been put forward by their owner and has been assessed by ACV. A number of residents have incorrectly suggested that ACV is putting forward development sites, but that is not the case. ACV’s role is merely to assess any sites where the landowner wishes to develop.

For each site, ACV have prepared a document describing the issues that need to be considered by Mole Valley, including access, travel, landscape, biodiversity, heritage and local infrastructure. As with the Green Belt Boundary Review, we need feedback from local residents to ensure that we have identified all the points that should be considered and to gauge local opinion. All the documents are on the website as is a survey where comments can be made.

This consultation will run from 24th February until 6th April 2014 with a two hour open morning being held at Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall at 10am on Saturday 29th March. Once residents have had their say on the assessments, ACV will review all comments, amend the assessments where necessary and present the revisions to the Forum. The Forum will review, amend as necessary and agree the assessments before their submission to Mole Valley District Council by 23rd May 2014.

Site Name Location
Lime Tree Lodge Farm Lane
Ashtead Park Garden Centre Pleasure Pit Road
Murreys Court Agates Lane
Old Chalk Pit Pleasure Pit Road
Land at Rookery Hill and Farm Lane Farm Lane
Sylvacote and Avenue Cottage Park Lane
Land South of Ermyn Way Ermyn Way
Chace Farm The Warren
Land South of Sandpipers The Warren
Land at The Pines Farm Lane

Mole Valley councillors will have the final say in deciding which, if any, Ashtead sites are included in their draft Housing and Traveller Sites Plan, to be issued towards the end of 2014. However, this is our opportunity to ensure that they do so in full knowledge of the views of Ashtead residents.

For further information go to the website at:
You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter @AshteadCV

John Morgan, ACV member


Village Day Saturday 14th June 2014

Community Service Awards - Who's going to win?
There have always been a number of people in Ashtead who give so much time, energy, skill and expertise to our community separately from their paid employment. They have devoted hours to ideas and causes far and above the call of duty.

The Rotary Club has recognised such individuals and organisations over the past 13 years by giving Community Service Awards during a public presentation every year on Village Day. Usually there is one Individual Award and one Group Award although, exceptionally, there may be more than one in either category.

Last year Individual Awards went to Karin Rogers and Martin Goulder and the Group Award to Café Aldag. We shall be continuing the award scheme this year and I invite you to make nominations for individual and/or group awards which, again, will be presented on Village Day, Saturday 14th June. You may nominate, either on behalf of your organisation or as and an individual, as many candidates as you wish for each award. The Rotary Club's selection panel will make the final decision based on the information you supply and on other information which may be gathered from elsewhere. The awards are at the absolute discretion of the selection panel.

The criteria are that the nominee should :
· Live or work or be based within the borders of Ashtead as defined by address and post-code.
· Have given voluntarily their time and services to help other members of their community.
· Have done so in a manner that demonstrates their dedication and commitment to the needs of others.

We do not carry nominations forward from year to year but if you have made a nomination in the past please consider sending in up-dated particulars of your candidate(s). Last year we received a number of exceptional nominations and would be pleased to receive them again.

Please reply to me (details below) with written nominations, together with any supporting material you feel appropriate, by and not later than midnight on Monday 12th May 2014.

Alan Howell. Awards Secretary, Rotary Club of Ashtead, 4 South View Road, Ashtead, KT21 2NB